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Seacoast Marine Adds Wireless IoT to Product Line

Seacoast is excited to offer clients across North America access to revolutionary wireless IoT technology thanks to our recent agreement with leading developer ScanReach of Bergen, Norway. The platform enables full onboard connectivity to personnel, equipment assets, cargo and environmental IoT sensors with no cabling. Its features a Personnel On-Board (POB) system and connected monitoring sensors that provide real-time locating and emergency reporting for crews. SME will provide sales and marketing services for customer vessels, offshore infrastructure and wind turbine installations.

SME’s New IoT At a Glance

  • Enables personnel and asset control in complex and confined steel environments
  • The wireless platform removes the need for expensive cabling
  • Easy and effective installation in hours even while vessels are in operation
  • Remote updates and dedicated support services ensure a long lifetime, future proof functionality and carefree ownership
  • Wearables: Personal distress alarm and position tracking during emergency, training and operation.

Connect wirelessly to people and assets on board any vessel, and get the benefits of efficient emergency handling, training and operations.

Digital Interfaces

Designed to deliver instant situation overview with the user’s goals in mind.

Wireless Nodes

The building block for full Onboard Wireless Connectivity.


Personal distress alarm and tracking during emergency and training.

See it in action