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Service – Our Core Business

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Although a new company, Seacoast Marine Electronics (SME) Ltd. possesses 35 years combined experience and a solid track record for successful repairs and maintenance on Marine Electronic equipment. Providing 24/7 service on Navigation, Communication and Automation equipment, SME has the expertise and tools to correct our clients’ problems.

We also understand the importance of spare parts. Whereas in the past we would repair equipment with a resistor, diode and a soldering iron, in today’s modern wheelhouse, spare parts are vital to the repair of the equipment. We unfortunately cannot stock every PCB however, with our experience we do stock frequent failing parts.

SME specializes in the following types of systems:

SME Radar


Especially here in the foggy North Atlantic, your Radar is the most important tool for collision avoidance. At SME we provide service on most brands of Marine Radar Systems, and understand that your Radar has to operate with the best possible performance.

Integrated Bridges

Integrated Bridges

Today’s Integrated Bridges require knowledge that goes beyond regular electronics. In depth experience of Information Technology (IT) and complex computer hardware and software, as well as Marine Electronic data protocols are demanded to keep these complex systems operational. At SME we have this knowledge and the tools to keep your IBS safe and operational.

Electronic Charts Service SME


With the new ECDIS regulation in place, at SME we service, sell and install ECDIS systems with high quality and attention to detail.

Gyro Compass Service

Gyrocompass / Autopilot

Does your vessel perform “as a fish through the water”? If so, your Gyrocompass might need service or your Autopilot may be malfunctioning. From the old Gyrocompasses; the size of a swimming pool, to the the Integrated Adaptable Autopilots, we have the experience, tools and spares to repair this equipment.

SME Satcom


For Sat C, F, Fleet Broadband, SSAS and LRIT, either part of the GMDSS or as a stand alone, please contact us for service details.

VDR Service


SME is approved to conduct (S)VDR APT inspections, and as a result we stock a large inventory of spares approved by multiple manufactures.



SME is very knowledgeable in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. Fully certified by both Lloyd’s Register, as well as DNVGL, we are able to conduct the Annual GMDSS Radio Inspection on your vessel’s GMDSS Radio Equipment. Needless to say, when required, we can service and repair this equipment.



Whether as a stand alone, part of an integrated bridge, or connected to a Radar or ECDIS, SME has the tools and equipment to test and repair your AIS Transponder.