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We offer 24/7 service for navigation, communication and automation equipment

Our exceptional roster of marine IT professionals includes

Henk van Heuveln


Henk began his career in 1998 as a service technician based in Dubai, UAE. Upon moving to Canada, he continued working as a service engineer on marine electronics while opening and developing an office for a Dutch based Marine Electronics company in Halifax. He founded Seacoast Marine Electronics in 2015.

Rhys Gambling

Service Engineer

Rhys’ 15 years of industry experience in leading Seacoast Marine’s operations on the West Coast.

Jinsoo Kim

Service Engineer

Roy Johnson

Sales & Government Contract Manager

With almost three decades of industry experience, Roy is Seacoast’s most knowledgeable asset.

Michael Harris

Technical Business Manager

Michael joined Seacoast after a successful career as Director of IT for a major Canadian shipowner. He opened the St. Catharines office and helped grow the Seacoast business footprint in the Niagara region.

Steven Chapman

Service Engineer

Steven is the newest member of the Seacoast team, having joined the company in January 2022. With a portfolio that dates back to 2005, Steve is a well-rounded service engineer who will provide support to Great Lakes VSAT clients while expanding operations.


Office Manager

With over 35 years of experience as a Customer Service Manager and Office Manager, Melissa has had a diverse career in banking, CRM software development, manufacturing and Defence contracting.  She oversees the administration for all 3 locations.