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We custom-make ship-to-shore communication solutions

Seacoast Marine Electronics provides custom-made ship-to-shore communication solutions including the use of VSAT and LTE. We have partnered with the world leaders in VSAT Hardware and Airtime, allowing us to provide our customers with the best of both worlds — competitive rates, proven reliable hardware and most importantly excellent support, both onboard and remotely.

With our experience in ship-to-shore IT communications, we do not just sell “Internet at Sea.” We work with our clients to provide them with a complete solution that is reliable, secure and fits a budget.


Seacoast has teamed up with multiple renowned hardware suppliers such as Intellian, Cobham, iDirect, Sophos, Cisco and Ubiquiti to build a ship-to-shore IT network that will meet the demanding requirements of today’s maritime industry. We ensure that not only the “link” is up, but we also go above and beyond to ensure that all stringent requirements are met, such as providing a secure, full backup and low latency. Working with manufacturers, we can achieve these goals whether the system is installed on a three-crew tug or a 200-crew ferry.

Ship-to-shore bandwidth

Through its strategic partnership with Aurora Borealis Networks, Seacoast can provide any customized satellite airtime solutions to meet customer demands. From a low cost, simple Internet connection at sea to a complex private network for your fleet of vessels, Seacoast can provide multiple bandwidth solutions. Bandwidth solutions comprise of multiple communication platforms such as Ku, Ka, and C-Band VSAT, L-Band Satcom, LTE (4G/5G) and, now also through the new Starlink satellite constellation. Seacoast works with its clients to build a network around their IT requirements and budgets using one or more of these platforms.

Our own dedicated Seacoast Great Lakes and Eastern Seaboard Ku-Band VSAT network covers an area from Vancouver Island, Hudson Bay to South America. On this network, SME ensures low latency, security and with full backup in case of satellite inaccessibility. This VSAT network provides SME the flexibility to provide each customer and/or vessel a bandwidth rate that meets the client’s data requirements and budget. Our 4G and 5G LTE network works on all major Canadian and American networks with multiple plans to meet shipowners’ budgets.

We work with our clients to provide them with a complete solution that is reliable, secure and fits a budget.

Managed IT

Seacoast works with clients to either manage their complete onboard network on their behalf or provide them with ongoing support to help them achieve the objectives they have for their IT systems. SME has developed the latest hardware and software tools to provide our clients with the most comprehensive management systems available.

  • CrewCntrl Enables controlled use of onboard wifi network. Through an active directory, bandwidth limits can be set based on usage, date and time, all based on company user policies.
  • SecureCntrl Developed in partnership with Sophos, the world leader in cyber security, this technology provides shipowners with the highest security standard in the industry, exceeding those set by the IMO.
  • RemoteCntrl Our staff provides remote support of vessel IT and communications equipment and systems via secure (out of band) connections as and when needed, wherever the vessel is located.